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Label: Self released

Genre: melodic industrial metal/rock

Hometown: Mechanicsville, MD

Influences: Devin Townsend, Tiamat, In Flames, Ihsahn, Metallica, Frank Zappa, Tool

Sounds like: Lacuna Coil, The Kovenant, Samael, Tiamat


My name is Armand. Way back in the year 2006, a dream was born, a vision was actualized, and a journey began. That dream, that vision, that journey is what the world now known as Skelectory. In the beginning, Skelectory started as a one-person project, I wrote and recorded some songs, four of which floated somewhere around the internet without any penetration in the music industry and without any success. The journey wasn’t smooth, the ride wasn’t perfect, there were highs, and there were troughs, twist, and turns until I stumbled upon a brilliant idea. It took time to reflect on the direction Skelectory was going, and I knew deep down that writing and recording by myself wasn’t the way I wanted to go with Skelectory, so I started to look for like-minded musicians.

Fast forward six years after that time, in 2012, I came across a profile on Bandmix.com that caught my eye. It was a talented songwriter and vocalist named Zy. After exchanging a few messages with Zy, he agreed to become the voice of Skelectory. Soon after we recorded a few tracks that I had written a while ago and started working on new material. Zy had an impressive collection of original songs, and many of them were added to the Skelectory collection. It was a perfect match between us.

But as with every journey, sooner or later, they end. Time went by, other priorities came along, and Zy left the project. It seemed like the end for Skelectory because we had invested so much trying to make things work, but I had to soldier on. Around the same time, I started to look for other musicians to transform Skelectory into a fully functional live band.

Along the way, I came across an awesome vocalist named Mike Raymond who agreed to record vocals for a few songs for the 2018 demo. One of the responses to my craigslist ad came from a drummer named Larry. For many years Larry had been playing live and recording with his band Arsenic and had plenty of experience playing hard rock/metal. Later, again, with the help of craigslist, we found Mr. Tom Chen, who became our guitarist. Soon after we began auditioning vocalists and about two years later, we finally found a talented singer Samiah Perry.


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