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Armand Svalbe is a Latvian-born musician who currently resides in Southern Maryland and spends most of his time creating rock/electronic music. His compositions are infused with metal, pop, industrial, black metal, avant-garde, progressive metal, and ambient synth-pop. Inspired by his father’s natural talents as a bassist, Armand has been a self-taught bass guitar player since the age of 16. Throughout the late 90s, Armand played bass in several bands and has at times dabbled in guitar (however, it is not his forte). With an inclination towards doing everything himself, most of his records are self-produced and self-released.
Since his live band, “Skelectory” disbanded at the beginning of the pandemic, he started engaging in different projects with musicians all over the world to continue feeding his musical drive. Armand is grateful for all the artistic possibilities that the internet has brought into his life and is always open to new collaborations. His musical heroes are Devin Townsend, Johan Edlund, and Ihsahn.

Always looking for collaborators!

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